Shaul Mofaz earlier this week.(Gali Tibbon/AFP/GettyImages)

• Unless Prime Minister Netanyahu’s government adopts substantially different policies (which it likely won’t), more than a quarter of Kadima’s Knesset members will bolt the coalition sometime this summer. [Washington Times]

• Among some names you might expect at a journalists’ confab with President Obama yesterday (David Ignatius, Jeff Goldberg) are some others you might not due to their further-to-the-left views (Peter Beinart, Joe Klein). [Politico]

• A Georgia congressman was offended by one of his colleague’s citation of something from Leviticus as being in the Bible: Leviticus, he argued, is in the Old Testament, not the Bible. [Wonkette]

• The least diverse neighborhood in New York City is in Midwood, Brooklyn. Guess what the one ethnicity is. [WNYC]

• Groucho Marx once did the Charleston on the remains of Hitler’s bunker. [Mental Floss]

• Thanks in part to Paul Berger’s indefatigable journalism, George Washington’s letter to the Rhode Island Jews will see the public light of day. [Forward]

A kick-ass, hair-styling, Israeli patriot? Is there any doubt that the late Vidal Sassoon was the inspiration for the Zohan?