Passover | April 3-11, 2015 | April 22-30, 2016


What is Passover?

Passover marks the liberation of the Children of Israel, who were slaves in ancient Egypt, and recounts the story of their exodus to the Promised Land. Key things to remember: Moses, Ten Plagues, matzo, the parting of the Red Sea.

When is Passover?

Passover 2015 begins at sundown on April 3—the night of the first Seder—and lasts eight days, ending at sundown on April 11.


Passover FAQ

Everything you ever wanted to know about the Feast of Unleavened Bread

Ask, Don’t Tell

A father’s reflections on teaching his son the Four Questions


Questions, answers, entrances, and exoduses—our complete Passover coverage

‘Exodus’ Hits Twitter


Going Nuts

Passover is about freedom, so let’s not encourage our kids to be slaves to their allergies


Forget cleaning for Passover and instead head to a luxury hotel for the holiday

Sundown: Happy Purim!

Plus carping over gefilte fish, and more bad puns


Has Purim replaced Passover as the best holiday vehicle for expressing individual Jewish identity?

Jazzed Up

New albums find inspiration in the Passover haggadah

Unkosher Cooking

New York chef Joseph Dobias is best known for the ‘Conflicted Jew’

A Bad Jewish Poetry Contest

And our ode to soup

Let My People Grow

God & Co., Episode II

A Gathering of Diasporas

An Israeli in New York contemplates her homeland

Before the Exodus

A tour of Streit’s matzo factory, while it’s still in the neighborhood

School Days

An eleven-year-old who’s finding her way

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