Shavuot | June 3-5, 2014 | May 23-25, 2015




The one custom for celebrating Shavuot is to stay up all night and study Jewish texts. But will we continue celebrating the printed word as more and more of what we read is electronic?

All Night Long

Shavuot is celebrated with all-night study sessions. We asked four people we admire—a novelist, a musician, a rabbi, and a theologian—what texts they’d like to read in the early-morning hours.

Full Bloom

Bella Meyer traces her love of flowers to time she spent with her grandfather, Marc Chagall. Now as the owner of a Manhattan shop, Fleurs Bella, Meyer is creating her own art with blossoms as her medium.

Shavuot 2011

From flowers to all-night study sessions and, of course, cheesecake, everything you need to celebrate the Festival of Weeks

Today on Tablet

The still-Samaritans, cheesecake, and more

DAWN 2010 Celebrates Shavuot

At the mystical intersection of Judaism and science

Light and Sweet

Shavuot provides the perfect excuse for a cheesecake pilgrimage

Tell It on the Mountain

A guide to all our coverage for the Shavuot holiday

Today on Tablet

Poor Shavuot, the Ortho-politico, and more

Field Study

Why the holiday of Shavuot is all but ignored across America

Today on Tablet

Big ball of string, a very dairy Shavuot, and more

Sandra Bernhard Discusses Shavuot

Getting ready for Dawn 2010

Blintz Binge

One woman’s search for the perfect cheese-filled pancake

Got Milk?

The complicated history of Jews and dairy

Dawn 2010: The Mixtape

Courtesy Josh Kun, of the Idelsohn Societ

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