On the Bookshelf

Modern anti-Semitism

Sundown: U.S. Ambassador Takes on Syria

Plus go hug an Armenian! and more

How To Build a $100 Million Islamic Center

Legal hurdles cleared; but where’s the money coming from?

Jews Debate Jews Debating Obama

Plus the other half of ‘Dysentery’ weighs in

Foxman Bashes Israeli Announcement

Yes, you read right

ADL Condemns Limbaugh’s ‘Bankers’ Remark

Foxman: ‘borderline anti-Semitic’

The Anti-Anti-Semite

Hannah Rosenthal, the State Department’s new anti-Semitism envoy, discusses her plans, Israel, and Abe Foxman

Nothing to Fear

Filmmaker Yoav Shamir thinks anti-Semitism isn’t much of a problem. Is that a problem?

Jewish Leaders Meet With Obama

And everyone seems impressed

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