The Mystery of the Origins of Yiddish Will Never Be Solved

How an academic field—marked by petty fighting, misguided ideological debates, and personal proximity to tragedy—doomed itself

NYU’s Secret Anti-Israel Conference Revisited

An exchange with NYU American Studies professor Lisa Duggan

Q&A: Norman Finkelstein

The intellectual pariah, author of two new books, on Noam Chomsky, BDS, the Holocaust, and Whitney Houston

Do English Depts. Study American-Jewish Lit?

Hire experts on Roths Henry and Philip, panel suggests

Jewish-Studies Money With Strings Attached

Foundation wants secular Jews studied; some schools refuse

Jews Crush Muslims in Nobel Tally

‘Jerusalem Post’ op-ed theorizes on why

Sex, Kabbalah, and the Academy at Fringe

NYC theater festival starts this week

Higher Learning

A father tells his young son a tantalizing lie

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