Did Mike Bloomberg Declare Hitler’s Birthday Jewish Heritage Day?

Nope, despite confused media alert

The Sound and the Führer

On the 121st anniversary of his birth, what makes Hitler an Internet phenomenon?

Welcome Home?

My children are becoming German citizens, and I’m going nuts

Freud-Owned Hitler Painting For Sale

One Jew who may have helped the Führer out

Oliver Stone Calls Hitler ‘Easy Scapegoat’

New documentary may prove slightly controversial

Sundown: The NYT’s Exotic Philo-Semitism

Plus landing a White House invite, Dylan vs. Diamond, and more

Sundown: The Hitler-Mobile

Plus Jews on film, unconventional art, and more

Hitler’s War on Christmas Revealed

Exhibit reveals Nazi plans to de-Christ Christmas

Daybreak: Rubashkin Convicted

Plus a Ponzi scheme in Florida, Nazi imagery, and more in the news

U.K. Kids Think Auschwitz Is Theme Park

But only some of them, in a multiple-choice poll

Sundown: The Big Questions

On Halloween, heresy, and Hitler

War Diary of a Vampire

In the new fantasy novel ‘The Midnight Guardian,’ the pop-culture vampire trend turns Jewish

Daybreak: Big Solutions

Plus bad advertising, a Hungarian wingnut, and more in the news

Garden Gnomes Give ‘Heil Hitler’ Salute

In Germany, of course—but ironically, their creator says

Why Is the Right Getting Away With Hitler Analogies?

In ‘New York’ Mag, a look at the health-care fight

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