Famous February 26th Birthdays

A look at the today’s big days, including a special one

‘New York’ Has Article About What’s-His-Face

The Peter Beinart article to end them all (literally)

Basketball Jews

Competition among the yeshivot

Cropping Out the Truth

A closer reading of Ernest Coles

The Gallivanting Spatula

Words Jews use

Today on Tablet

Cohen and Shteyngart team up to drink, and more

End of the World

Novelists Gary Shteyngart and Joshua Cohen discuss their dark visions of the future

Have We Overreacted?

Rotem bill, currently frozen, provoked strong opposition stateside

Ami Eden Named JTA’s New Head

Our editor reflects on a great mentor

The Too Jewish Jewish State

Avishai aims at Newhouse, misses

Daybreak: Main al-Qaida Man Slams Leaders

Plus Iron Dome is fully forged, and more in the news

Teaching the Pre-Holocaust

Emerging pedagogy looks at life before wartime

Daybreak: Flotilla Backers Reach to Top

Plus Abbas is told to keep talks indirect, and more in the news

Conversion Bill Takes Aim at Diaspora

Our editor returns fire in the NYT

Vishniac Inspires High Fashion

For once, pre-Holocaust photographer conjures appropriate nostalgia

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