Edith Windsor Speaks

A wide-ranging interview with the crusader to end DOMA

This Week on The Scroll

A look back at the week that was

A Federal Appeals Court Rules Against DOMA

It’s the second court to do so

The Big Story: Allison Hoffman on Dan Senor

An invaluable look at how Romney is linked to the Jewish establishment

Cantor’s Late Intervention

House Majority Leader may have pushed out GOP vet over anti-Jewish remarks

Obama’s ‘Shalom, Haver’ Problem

How can the president persuade Jews he supports Israel in his kishkes?

Thought For Food

Today on Tablet

American-Israeli Public Affairs

Today on Tablet

U.S. Debt Default Could Threaten Israel Bonds

And Rep. Cantor is a crucial player in the negotiations

Stanley Crouch Weighs In on Eric Cantor

Comment of the week

Today on Tablet

Two ways to spend December 25th

Today on Tablet

Our anniversary, Kirsch on Hitch, and more

Tablet Magazine Celebrates One Year

These are a few of our favorite things, part 1

Today on Tablet

Bow down before the king, and more

Today on Tablet

Breaking Passover in style, the ‘linkage’ problem, and more

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