Daybreak: Hamas Shuts Down Election Plans

Plus German intelligence official resigns, and more in the news

Sundown: Israeli Energy (Literally)

Plus more power to Bibi, and more

Sundown: Bibi Agrees to Obama’s ’67 Premise

Plus, Arab League considers Security Council, creepy Breivik surgery, and more

Last Post of the Week About This Stuff

I swear


This week in Israel: borders are breached, a truck runs amok, Netanyahu tests the waters, Barak stands accused, and rabbis fireproof the Sabbath

Nakba Day 2011 –> Third Intifada?

Quote of the Day

Sundown: Obama’s New Muslim Outreach

Plus a Jewish baseball milestone, Larry King’s bagelry, and more

The View From Israel

Officials enter radio silence, watch events to the south anxiously

Sundown: U.S. Ambassador Takes on Syria

Plus go hug an Armenian! and more

Sundown: The Plot Against Ahmadinejad

Plus R.I.P. Penn, the Jew of ‘Mad Men,’ and more

Daybreak: Searching for a Deal on Settlements

Plus which side will fold first, and more in the news

Daybreak: Hard Not To Feel the Hope

Plus Israel’s Gorbachev, and more

Sundown: PLO Diplomats Promoted

Plus Obama’s newly strong support for Israel, and more

Comment on Israel Is Free

Which is maybe why there’s so much of it!

‘The White Intifada’

Israel’s losing war for world opinion

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