Auschwitz Has Added You As a Friend

Concentration camp joins Facebook

British Actor Upsets Poles

Stephen Fry angers Poland with Auschwitz reference

Daybreak: Shalom, Chaver

Netanyahu optimistic, the Car Czar’s pedigree, and more from the news

Auschwitz Survivor Brutally Murdered

90-year-old ran one of NYC’s hottest discos

Romanian Compares Israeli MDs to Nazis

Doctors bought human eggs from minors

Letter From Krakow

At annual culture festival, Jewishness is abundant; Jews, scarce

Sundown: The Game of Death

A painful metaphor, a strange role model, and a stupid mistake

Phantom Memory

The haunted films of Chantal Akerman

It Came from Auschwitz

The Exorcist meets The Dybbuk in The Unborn

Cry Me a River

Kate Winslet gambles for your tears in The Reader

Behind the Legend

A new biography of Irène Némirovsky reveals an author less saintly than her current readers might like to believe

Uncomfortably Numb

What happens when you go to Auschwitz and feel… nothing?

Runaway Train

Oprah visits Auschwitz: In good taste or bad?

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