European Modernism, in Hebrew

With a rediscovered 1930s novel, Viennese Romance, Austrian writer David Vogel becomes a key figure in the creation of Modern Hebrew literature

Zweig in Exile

Lost Books

Daybreak: Clinton to Stand Up for Syria Action

Plus old anti-Semites say they are ‘the new Jews,’ and more in the news

The Lives of Others

Hungary has made a hard turn to the political right, but Holocaust survivor Karl Pfeifer, who in three decades of journalism has assailed Hungarian communists and Austrian fascists, refuses to let anti-Semitism return unchecked

Most Austrians Shun Right-Wing Candidate

Rosencranz defeated soundly

Sundown: The West Bank’s West Bank

Plus Iran’s mind games, The Pixies, and more

Nightmare Austrian Puppy Ad

No wonder he looks unhappy!

Peaks of Perfection

An Austrian museum mounts an exhibition on the Jewish love affair with the Alps

Unto the Sons

What the Wittgenstein family gained and lost

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