Lieberman, in New York, Meets With Russian Jews

Moldovan-born foreign minister performs outreach

No Direction Home

Maybe American liberal Zionism simply isn’t worth saving

Daybreak: Obama Accuses Syria

Plus Australian ‘crisis,’ and more in the news

Israel Fears Foreign Secretary Clegg

Left-wing politico may be top U.K. diplomat

Sundown: Pop Goes the Agitprop

Plus Obama’s champions and apologists, and more

Peace, Processed

The power of the Israeli left has waned, but belief in the need for what it long championed—territorial compromise—has become a majority position

Sundown: The West Bank’s West Bank

Plus Iran’s mind games, The Pixies, and more

Twenty-Six Assassins

Today in the Dubai Murder Mystery

For Purim, Israeli Foreign Minister is Popular Costume

Get your poorly kept beards ready

Daybreak: Abraham’s Children Squabble

Plus ‘Schindler’ lands ice dancers in 10th, and more in the news

Sundown: Some Israelis Sure Don’t Like Some Other Israelis

Plus Foreman fight clear for the Bronx, ballet in Brooklyn, and more

The Great Dubai Murder Mystery

Did Mossad kill Hamas’s main weapons man?

Damascus Conversion

Why peace with Syria is more urgent than ever

Israel and Syria In Crisis

Sniping and saber-rattling at unusually high levels

Daybreak: Clinton Reveals Peace Plan

Plus China nixes sanctions, Lieberman rattles saber, and more

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