The Turkish To-Do: Turkey Wins, Israel Loses

Turks credit ‘wise man’ Peres

Sundown: New E.U. Official Chastises Israel

Plus J Street in the center and Shmuley on Tiger, and more

U.K. Pledges to Prevent Future War-Crimes Charges

Israel is angry, Britain apologetic after attempted Livni arrest

J Street Sends Satirical Party Invite

Palin, Avigdor Lieberman, other ‘friends’ listed as honorary hosts

U.N. Endorses Goldstone Report

And Israel claims a moral victory, of sorts

Daybreak: Iran Deal Close

But Barak doesn’t like it, plus peace-talk status reports, military exercises, and more in the news

Turkish TV Depicts IDF as Bloodthirsty

Portrayal in soap opera set during Gaza War comes as bilateral relationship struggles

Daybreak: Secret Meetings

Plus Iranian uranium and two Gaza operations

Daybreak: Obama Plans for Peace

A violent clash, a deportation, and more from the news

Sundown: Israel vs. Sweden

Organ harvesting, Lady Gaga, and an Orthodox woman cop

The Lucky Likudnik

Why Benjamin Netanyahu is having a more successful term than anyone expected

Fatah Conference Ends

Issues broadsides on Israel, Hamas

Is Hezbollah in Venezuela?

Lieberman says yes; Chávez calls him a ‘mafia boss’

An Indicted Foreign Minister

Would be great news for Bibi

Daybreak: Anger After Tel Aviv Shooting

Hate, corruption, and history

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