Zabar’s Lobster Salad Under Fire

Iconic Jewish-owned food store sells trayf, gets it wrong

Sundown: Obama’s New Muslim Outreach

Plus a Jewish baseball milestone, Larry King’s bagelry, and more

Love With Some Schmear

Huppah Dreams

Freegan Cool

In this week’s “Tell Me,” Tablet Magazine’s illustrated question-and-answer column, we spend Passover with the royal family—and engage in a little Dumpster diving

Sundown: Turkish Parsing

Plus gross bagel snacks, homo Seinfeld-economicus, and more

Beyond Bagels

In The Encyclopedia of Jewish Food, Gil Marks argues that food is about much more than just eating

Today on Tablet

Taking a stand on the Armenian genocide, and more

Holey Mission

An American Jew brings bagels back to Vilnius

‘Oy! Such a Home’

A New Yorker flees to New Orleans and finds himself surrounded by Jews

A Montreal Jewish Deli Grows in Brooklyn

We head to Mile End

Sundown: This Town Ain’t Big Enough For Both Bagels

Plus A’jad in Damascus, Madoff by any other name, and more

Quote of the Day

The $177 bagel sandwich (and soda)

Möbius Bagel

How to make the first meal of the day the most interesting

Bagel Wars!

The New York-Montreal deathmatch

Sundown: Madoff Mystery Remains

A perceived threat, a real threat, and bagels

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