Sundown: Obama Condemns Settlements

Plus Weisz and Aronofsky call it quits, and more

Does Bloomberg Think Obama Is ‘Arrogant’?

More important, should we care?

Daybreak: Saudis Pledge To Shun Israel

Plus why Obama will continue his peace drive, and more in the news

J Street’s Silent Majority

Survey emphasizes ‘majority,’ results emphasize ‘silent’

Bennet Wins Senate Seat in Close Contest

Does this make him the 12th Jewish senator?

Monsters Breeding

The foiled Yemeni bomb plot shows why anti-Semitism isn’t only about Jews

Full House

If the midterm elections give the GOP more power in Washington, that could actually help Obama’s Mideast peace plans

Today on Tablet

Obama’s Jewish maybe-problem, and more


Barack Obama courted American Jews as a candidate, but the relationship is on the rocks

How Bloomberg Could Make Palin President

No one takes a run more seriously than the White House

Israel Crops Up in Chicago Suburb Race

But issue’s real resonance may appear in ’12


Pro-Israel Congresswoman Shelley Berkley, Democrat from Las Vegas, rides a hot streak

Sundown: Obama’s Error

Plus yes that is a creepy Sharon sculpture, and more

Sundown: Pollard Gets New Advocate

Plus the first step on Iran is acceptance, and more

Under Oath

Israel’s controversial new oath of allegiance reflects the reality of sectarian politics in the Middle East

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