Jewish Brawlin’, 1961

The UNC-Duke rivalry goes way back

Sundown: Charities Reluctant on Pakistan

Plus those crazy L.A. ‘Persians,’ and more

Farmar Heads to Jersey

And Scheyer could play for another Evil Empire

Undrafted, Scheyer Ponders Next Move

Will Jewish ex-Dukie play ball in Israel?

Before Holzman, There Was Holman

A first-person testimony of the Jewish basketball genius

Today on Tablet

An oxymoronic liberal Zionism, dogs!, and more

Magic Number

Coach Red Holzman led the Knicks to their only championships and an auspicious 613 wins

2, 4, 6, 8, Who Do Orthos and Feminists All Hate?

Cheerleaders! Too bad, says Israel’s basketball league.

Sundown: The Pope’s Jew

Plus, understanding through translation, the war on lox, and more

Daybreak: Netanyahu, A Wanted Man

Plus MoDo on the Saudis, directing indirect talks, and more in the news

Casspi Just Does It

Israeli baller stars in Nike ad

Sundown: New Evidence Against Molester Mondrowitz

Plus Margolick on Kristol, Phil Jackson on mitzvot, and more

Sundown: Turkish Turn Feared

Plus R.I.P. Erich Segal, Hezbollah and drugs, and more

Make Casspi An All Star!

Campaign to send Israeli NBAer to Dallas game

All About Casspi

Israel’s first NBA player gets the ‘Sports Illustrated’ treatment

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