Michael Walzer On the Proposed Coop Boycott

‘Dissent’ editor will speak Sunday in Park Slope

Much Ado About … Well, Something

The BDS debate comes to Park Slope

Winning the War

As Israel Apartheid Week returns to college campuses across the country, how should supporters of Israel fight the battle for hearts and minds?

Sundown: Buy Palestinian

Plus don’t not buy Israeli, and more

Sundown: Blasts in Aleppo

Plus, Lea Michele heads to the big screen, Hoffman on the Oscars, and more

Sundown: Adelson Is (Ultimately) a Party Man

Plus Syrian embassy closed, Christians acting Jewish, and more

Food Fight

A proposed boycott of Israeli products at the Park Slope Food Coop in Brooklyn, a 38-year-old grocery where political passions run high, is raising worries among its sizable Orthodox Jewish membership

Dershowitz v. Park Slope Food Coop

Fight over boycott escalates outside the aisles

The BDS Debate Comes to Park Slope

The famous Food Coop discusses boycotting goods

Israel Delegitimizes Itself

The BDS movement is the big winner after yesterday’s law

Sundown: Knesset Passes Anti-Boycott Law

Plus, Obama borrows from Hillel, Mizrahi Manischewitz, and more

Boycotting Hits the Mainstream

‘Forward’ and J Street folks debate tactics with lefties

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