The Threat on Eilat’s Airport and Peace Talks

Reports: Israeli drone strike in Egypt and a threat against Eilat’s airport

The Last of Ethiopian Jewry Heads to Israel

The final stages of immigration to carry into 2014

Birthright Israel: Day One

In which we crawl in caves and eat lunch at a gas station. Next up: Ben Gurion’s grave.

Israeli Airport Security Now Checking Emails

Associated Press picks up story from advocacy blog Mondoweiss

In My Father’s Footsteps

Going on a book tour just a few weeks after my father died, I learned how to walk in his shoes—literally

I Know What You Flew Last Summer

Brushing up on tips from the JetBlue-El Al partnership

We Have Met Israeli Security, and It Is Not Ours

Napolitano nixes Israel-style procedures for U.S.

Master Builder

With his U.S. Institute of Peace set to open in Washington, Israeli-born Moshe Safdie takes his place among the world’s leading architects

Shalala Was Detained at Ben Gurion

Former top official is vocal opponent of boycotts

Why Israel’s Airport Security Will Remain Only Israel’s

One thing that won’t be coming to America

U.S. Asks Israel for Security Advice

After Christmas Day bombing, Israel knows best

How To Prevent Plane Bombings? Ask Israel

After failed attack, attention paid to Israel’s success

At Ben Gurion, Time Is Money

Knesset member wants airlines to pay for delays

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