A Pox on Neither of Their Houses

CAP to-do shows signs of simmering … down

Sundown: Saudi Bombs?

Plus J Street vs. Berkeley, CAP responds, and more

Daybreak: To-Do After Lieberman Remark

Plus, the new Security Council, Erdogan backlash, and more in the news

Why Was Giffords Targeted?

Alleged shooter may have been driven in part by anti-Semitism

Should Pollard Be Freed?

If he deserves it, yes; as a diplomatic chip, no

Obama Impotent in the Mideast

Hugely unpopular, he has little to offer, and everyone knows it

Sundown: Obama’s Error

Plus yes that is a creepy Sharon sculpture, and more

Hip Meets Square

What the Cordoba Initiative wasn’t ready for

Bomb Bomb Bomb, Bomb Bomb Iran?

Others react to Goldberg’s report

Peace Process at Standstill

Did Obama apply pressure at the wrong time?

Israel, Stateside

How the controversy has played in America

Paterson Won’t Run; Is Ravitch Next?

Resignation, suddenly more likely, means Jewish governor

NYT Story Opens Door For Ravitch

If Paterson resigns, new governor is a Jew

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