Zubin Mehta Speaks Out

The maestro slams artistic boycotts and Israel’s Palestinian stance as his Philharmonic visits Carnegie Hall

On the ‘Bieberman’ Super Party

What it means for Israeli politics

Daybreak: Flood of Rockets Strike Southern Israel

Plus French authorities look back on their investigation of Toulouse gunman

What to Make About Nuclear Talks With Iran

What’s known and unknown about bilateral talks with Iran

The Narrowing of Israeli Journalism

Sheldon Adelson, Israeli media, and the shrinking voice of the left

An Arab Maverick in Israel

Bucking convention in his village, Yousef Juhja sent three sons to the IDF—and one paid the ultimate price

Sundown: Federal Reserve Terror Plot Foiled

Plus a plan to legalize the settlements in the West Bank?

Was Bibi Going to Give the Golan Back to Syria?

An October surprise with some curious timing

Nobel Literature Prize & Israeli Elections

What’s up? A follow-up to our round-up

Sundown: Fear the Olmert?

Plus Jay-Z lights the menorah in Brooklyn

An American and Israeli Election Round Up

Or perhaps proof of why we need more Jewish holidays

Daybreak: Early Elections Coming to Israel

Plus French raids on domestic terror cells yields some frightening results

Sundown: Early Elections for Israel?

Plus a synagogue in Brussels gets tagged with serious anti-Semitic graffiti

Daybreak: Let the Debates Begin

Plus Alan Gross gets a visit from Cuban Jewish leaders

Netanyahu’s Act of Performance Art

The United Nations and the bomb diagram

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