Pollard’s Release Formally Requested

First time it’s been asked for

Damascus Gate

Who told honcho Malcolm Hoenlein to go to Syria?

Midday: Bibi Won’t Apologize to Turkey

Plus Natalie getting married, and more in the news

Bibi to Formally Ask for Pollard’s Freedom

Without haggling, convicted spy could gain freedom

Sundown: A Kissinger Is Not a Promise

Plus public transit gets more depressing, and more

Safe Houses

A prominent Israeli rabbi wants to protect Israel by forbidding Jews from renting and selling property to non-Jews

Childish Things

My son’s pyromaniacal tendencies, Bibi, and bedtime stories that go awry

Does Bibi Have the Upper Hand?

What happens after the step backward from direct peace talks

Former FBI Lawyer Opposes Pollard Release

Alleges spy’s full damage remains untold

Facts on the Ground

A Columbia professor tours East Jerusalem, where national histories clash, converge, and intertwine

Israel Attorney General Investigating Rabbis

Perhaps under pressure from you, the reader

Fire the Rabbis

Bibi and Peres denounced Israel’s racist rabbis. They can do better.

Things Fall Apart

Israel’s leaders have abandoned the details of governance, as last week’s catastrophic wildfire tragically showed

Tea Party Foreign Policy

Will Israel be the field of the forthcoming GOP civil war?

Bleak House

The prospects for a Palestinian state have rarely been more grim

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