Cuckolded Husband of Madoff Mistress Speaks

Though we wish he wouldn’t

Sundown: Madoff Mystery Remains

A perceived threat, a real threat, and bagels

Madoff Swindled Muslims, Too!

But with help from a Jew

Requiem for a Dream

An Israeli nightmare about rootlessness leads to financial ruin

Sundown: A Different Kind of Death Sentence

Rockin’ to Peres, belated womanhood, and fear in Pittsburgh

Daybreak: Madoff Charities Face Further Trouble

Passport stamps, tales of two birthrights, and more in the news

Sundown: Here’s Egg on Your Face

Life and death, prison grub, and an exemplary Jewess

Madoff Had Affair With Hadassah CFO

She testified against him

Madoff Aide DiPascali Pleads Guilty, Goes to Jail

A shonde fur di Yidn?

On the Bookshelf

Madoff, interfaith dialogue, British Jews, and more

Jewish Crooks

Our editor ponders Madoff, Dwek, and other shandes

Daybreak: Madoff Speaks

Plus, tension at the Lebanon border

Sundown: Elf Defense

An ironic sculpture, a tired jokester, and a cross-genre cover

Bernie Madoff, Bad for More Jews

Original investors were Ruth’s parents’ friends, says New York

Madoff & Friends

Inducted into new con artist hall of fame

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