Reader, She Married Him

Yale rabbi co-officiates Chelsea Clinton’s nuptials

Sundown: Rocket Hits Ashkelon

Plus Staten Island Jew-listing, and more

A Yidisher Pop

Chelsea Clinton’s wedding and a lesson in Yiddish

Making History

Israeli President Shimon Peres reflects on his mentor, his peace partner, and whether the State of Israel will survive

Boldface Names at Chelsea’s Wedding

Obamas, Streisand expected upstate at month’s end

Sundown: Clinton Is The Marrying Kind

Plus a Libyan ship heads for Gaza, and more

Visiting Privileges

As Netanyahu arrives in Washington a final Israeli-Palestinian agreement couldn’t be further away

The Bridge

Former Congressman Robert Wexler wants to make Mideast peace, but he doesn’t want to be ambassador to Israel

Jew Versus Jew

Clinton nod revs up Colorado race

Elena Kagan’s Jewish Jokes

We know she has some; tell us what they are!

Religion of Yes

The Israeli-Palestinian peace process has always been divisive; now it’s being used as a wedge

Continental Divide

A new book positions the Dreyfus Affair amid a broad array of cultural clashes

Mazel Tov, Chelsea

Former first daughter engaged

Photo Ops

As Obama sits down with Netanyahu and Abbas, a brief history of the trilateral summit

Video Guerrilla

Max Blumenthal’s rise as the left’s YouTube documentarian

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