Loving Our Tour Guide at the Israel Museum

The Dead Sea Scrolls, modern art, and a guide who hails from Jerusalem

Why the Jews Aren’t in Uganda

Israel as our homeland because our ancestors were here. No religion required.

Prepping for Shabbat at the Kotel

A perfect song to get you in the mood

Hump Day, at Last

Itʼs Bedouin tent night. Five hours until Masada

Hooking Up Gets Green-Lit

A group game that forces participants to reveal their relationship status

Why We Are Here (Why Are We Here?)

After one day of Birthright Israel, hashing out why all expenses are paid

Birthright Israel: Day One

In which we crawl in caves and eat lunch at a gas station. Next up: Ben Gurion’s grave.

A Facebook-Friendly Journey for Young Jews

Jews watching Jews who go on Birthright Israel trips

Eric Cantor on the Upper West Side

Did you know his kids went on Birthright?

Sundown: Confessions of an Ex-Columnist

Plus Israel stays course regarding Turkey, and more

Sundown: Breaking! Ashkenazim Are Smart

Plus, Adelsons offer new Birthright gift, King kills Blitzer, and more

Our Heroes

What if movie superheroes—Thor, Wolverine, The Fantastic Four, and Captain America—got in touch with their Jewish roots?


With school out for summer, U.S. teachers head to Israel

Birthright’s True Aim, and Is Its Aim True?

New ‘Nation’ article argues program has turned rightward

Study: Birthright Does What It’s Supposed To

Which doesn’t help the unlucky few who don’t get on trips

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