Dylan Gives the Capitol Theater Its Mojo Back

Bobby Zimmerman renews an old venue in Port Chester, New York

Don’t Call It a Comeback, Hava Nagila

Aly Raisman may have revived a tune

Jonah Lehrer’s Deceptions

The celebrated journalist fabricated Bob Dylan quotes in his new book, Imagine: How Creativity Works

Dylan Goes Electric

Plus a new dispute about an old guitar

The Rabbi of Rock Criticism

Richard Meltzer’s new album is as timeless and immediate as his 40-year-old classic, The Aesthetics of Rock

Moroccan Grooves, Blogged

A fan scours record collections from Marrakech to Montreal for music by Morocco’s bygone Jewish pop stars

Sundown: Russian Obfuscation on Wallenberg?

Plus Brooklyn D.A. Hynes is a great goy, and more

What Cafe? Cafe Wha?!

Huppah Dreams

Sundown: Jordanian PM Resigns

Plus $100k up for grabs! and more in the news

Pro-Palestinian Evangelicals’ Funny Film Title

Oh a name, is it nothing?

Sundown: War Game Shows Iran War No Game

Plus anti-war meme hits Facebook, Omar Sharif-stein, and more

The Coens Are Doing It Again

We’re already excited for fictionalized Dave Van Ronk biopic

Sundown: Buy Palestinian

Plus don’t not buy Israeli, and more

St. Leonard’s Passion

Leonard Cohen releases his 12th album, Old Ideas. The troubadour and poet hasn’t always been popular, but he is always profound.

Postcards of the Hang-Outs

Shivah Stars

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