The Hermit of Oliphant

After the literary pioneer Dvora Baron immigrated to Palestine, she never again ventured out

The Irritable Man

Why Harlan Ellison’s personality overshadows his classic science fiction

Was This Man a Genius?

The twisted mind of Otto Weininger

Yesterday’s Hero

Fifty years after the publication of Exodus, is it time to let Ari Ben Canaan go?

Take a Hike

Dan White’s adventures on the Pacific Crest Trail

The Good of A Bad Man

How Stanley Elkin hit his stride

Writing in the Dark

Why an Orthodox novelist shuns Orthodox publishers

What Happened to Mary Berg?

A young girl’s account of the Warsaw Ghetto was a big success. Then the diary—and its author—disappeared.

Forbidden Fruit

Judith Katzir on the lives of Israeli women, both real and imagined

The Ha-Ha

What’s in a joke? Jim Holt finds out.

The Student Who Wouldn’t Go Away

How a bumbling immigrant from Kiev became a literary sensation

Summer Reading 2008

What we’re reading—and rereading—this season

A Passage to Gujarat

Esther David’s novels chronicle a community of Jews in a province riddled with ethnic violence


A murky homeland is hard to stand by

Introduction to Marc Chagall

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