Grave Digger

Nathan Englander unearths stories that many in Argentina would just as soon forget

This Country of Mothers

A novelist returns to Buenos Aires, the place he’s been imagining for nearly a decade

Liberated Bride

Alix Kates Shulman on the creation of an ex-prom queen and protofeminist

Beyond Longing

Andre Aciman takes up the motifs explored in his memoir—desire, home, and memory—in a steamy debut novel, Call Me by Your Name.

From Brooklyn to Beverly Hills

Growing up Jake Fuchs thought of his father as a screenwriter. At 12, he discovered otherwise.

Queen Bee

Are Jennifer Weiner’s novels bestsellers because

Darkness Visible

Shira Nayman’s characters chase the ghosts who haunt them

All the Right Moves

A chess amateur shows how the game has mesmerized through the ages

Family History

In The Lost, Daniel Mendelsohn excavates some unsettling truths about brotherhood, betrayal, and the Book of Genesis.

A Higher Purpose

What happens when a secular Jewish feminist immerses herself in the world of Evangelical Christians

Rebel Yells

Naomi Alderman takes on Britain’s Jews

Childhood in Black and White

Miriam Katin makes her own Holocaust comic book

The Greatest American Hero

Everyone made fun of little Gary Shteyngart. Now it’s his turn.

How to Lose Gracefully

Etgar Keret on death, optimism, and the virtues of confusion

Strangers on the Sofa

Hosting out of towners having abortions is the most direct, intimate mitzvah I’ve ever had the privilege to perform

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