Daybreak: The Land Swap That Never Was

Plus Iran test-launches and Germany donates to Auschwitz, and more in the news

U.K. Pledges to Prevent Future War-Crimes Charges

Israel is angry, Britain apologetic after attempted Livni arrest

Daybreak: Mazel Tov, Obama!

A Nobel, a threat, and more from the news

British Actor Upsets Poles

Stephen Fry angers Poland with Auschwitz reference

Gaza War Heightens British Crimes

Most anti-Semitic attacks ever

Sundown: Evolution of Evil

Von Brunn’s descent, school rules, and parking protests

Sundown: Bringing Home the Bacon

Creative hate crimes, Madonna goes wailing, and Ben Stiller as secret weapon

Sundown: Children of a Lesser Shah

Iranian Jews, feminist rabbis, a Hollywood breakup

Morning News: Arguing, Settling

Ehud Barak, Barack Obama, and British academics in today’s papers.

Benjamin Disraeli

Canon Fodder

The short, tragic life of English poet Isaac Rosenberg

Clothes Make the Woman

A peek inside London fashion with couturier David Sassoon

You Are What You Wear

In her new novel, Linda Grant tackles questions of identity, morality, and fashion


Vanessa Engle gets intimate in her three-part documentary on British Jews

The Solipsist

Howard Jacobson swore he wouldn’t write another Jewish novel. What happened?

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