Sundown: How Do You Say ‘Palestinian State’ in Spanish?

Plus Brooklyn and Justice Department menorahs, and more

Today on Tablet

Levy the wrestler, olives for Hanukkah

Brooklyn Neighborhood Becomes Test of Jewish Identity

Blog responds to NYT article on Midwood

Hipsters Take Bike Lane Battle to the Street (Literally)

Activists caught repainting Brooklyn’s Bedford Avenue

Did NYC’s Transit Dept Strike a Backroom Deal with Satmars?

Bike lane disappears in Brooklyn after months of Hasidic complaints

Sundown: Wild Things

Molestation arrests up in Brooklyn, mock court puts Abbas in slammer, Maurice Sendak, and more

Ames, Cross Jew Up Brooklyn Book Fest

Author and comedian put on a ‘touching’ show

Did NYC Candidate Publish Anti-Gay Ad to Attract Satmars?

Ad ran in Yiddish paper, candidate denies placing it

Israeli Town Offers Prize for Mermaid Photo

So Brooklyn group sues

Hebrew School for Everyone

At New York’s newest charter school.

Guss’ Pickles Decamps For Brooklyn

Are there any more decent pickles in Manhattan?

The Damascus Affair

Playwright David Adjmi’s love-hate relationship with his Syrian Jewish roots

Sundown: The More the Warier

Too many converts, segregated lectures, and more

Temple Seeker

Thomas Roma photographs Brooklyn’s synagogues past and present

Eli Miller’s Seltzer Delivery Service

In Brooklyn’s best bubbly, I found a link to my borough’s storied past

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