Daybreak: Oh, Canada

Plus Egypt’s Second Revolution, and more

Perky ‘Canada’ Conservatives Nab Jewish Voters

Once-reliable Liberal-leaners help Tories in key districts


Boy met girl. Boy married girl. But girl is Jewish, and boy is not. Now I’m a goy, part of a growing community of non-Jews with Jewish spouses, Jewish children, and a special connection to Judaism

Aux Armes

A recent series of anti-Semitic attacks in Montreal hints at a new kind of internationally influenced hate crime in Quebec, a semi-autonomous province with a wave of Muslim immigrants

Sundown: West Bank Fire Was Intentional

Plus Pinsky and the Boss, and more

Commenters Debate Pro-Palestinian YA Novel

‘Shepherd’s Granddaughter’ prompts back-and-forth

Today on Tablet

Pro-Jewish populism, the Biblical American canon, and more

Oh, Canada

Why anti-Zionism festers in a country otherwise known for its friendliness

Sundown: Israel and America, Still BFFs

Plus, another Jewish N.Y. Senate candidate, oh no Canada, and more

Canada’s Liberals Strike Back Against Israel Attacks

No-holds-barred war for Jewish voting bloc

Van-Jew-ver Readies for Games

Israel is sending three to the Winter Olympics

Canada PM Harper Continues Drive for Jewish Vote

Up north, Conservatives play Israel politics, too!

Canada’s Conservatives Suggest Liberals Are Anti-Semites

Or so Liberal leaders claim

Canadian Group Turns Israel Boycott Around

Campaigns for a ‘Buycott’

Sundown: Holocaust Museum Shooter May Get Death

Canada’s Israel boycott, Morocco’s Shoah recognition

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