Daybreak: Mumbai Jews Still Afraid

Plus Israel’s Iran options, Libeskind’s latest, and more in the news

The Fall of Lev Leviev

Economy more than hubris hurt Israeli mogul, MarketWatch says

A Prayer for the Trying

Zev Chafets attempts to discover the way to pray

Religious Jewish, Muslim Boxers to Square Off

For junior-welterweight title

Hillel Doesn’t Work at Small Colleges

Says small-college student

Chabad Wants Honor for High-Level Nazi

Intelligence chief saved the rebbe

Daybreak: Settlers Defy Obama

The N.J. case in Israel, the Madoff case, and more

Are Lubavitchers Jewish?

Rubashkin lawyer suggests otherwise

Sundown: Birthright Spreads More than Jew-Love

Plus, a beer becomes a man and crankiness becomes a disease

(Rabbinic) Master of War

Dylan’s old rabbi calls for total war

Sundown: Feet, Meet Mouths

Criminals, candidates, and literary giants show their true colors.

What Not to Wear

Some in Crown Heights detect modesty crisis

Live and Become

It took only 25 years for one woman’s conversion to take effect

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