The Annotated Child: Coping with the December dilemma

The Rebbe’s Teachings

As Chabad opens preschools across the country, secular parents try to reconcile the movement with the classroom

The Children Are the Future

A haftorah of singing praise and raising kids

Ortho Kids Like Ritual, Summer-Camp Study Shows

While Reform campers define Jewishness through success

How to Atone Like a Child

On Yom Kippur, kids will be kids

Good Breeding

Israeli woman dies after producing 1,400 descendants

Sorry, Again

There’s no sure way to raise kids who apologize and accept apologies

School Boy

A son goes off to college, and a mother is left behind

Upstairs Downstairs

A Manhattan couple repairs the world—five kids at a time

The Actualized Dragon

Imagining the world’s most politically correct children’s book

The Annotated Child: Road Trip!

Summertime, and the car rides ain’t easy

Repeating History

My grandmother was an immigrant. And now I am, too.

Today I Am a Fountain Pen

The ritual isn

Return of the Nonexistent

Can a son’s failure to have a bar mitzvah be a mitzvah?

Native Sons

Stranded in Russia by the First World War, Chagall turned a generation of boys into artists

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