Sundown: AIPAC To Avoid Hagel Showdown

Plus the U.S. just says no to Bashar Assad’s peace plan

Chuck Hagel Fires Back at Critics

In first interview following nomination, defense secretary nominee has his say

Making the Case for Chuck Hagel

How some are making the case for nomination of Hagel for defense secretary

Daybreak: Nomination Day Arrives

Plus a new round of sanctions against Iran take hold

Report: Chuck Hagel for Defense Secretary

The former senator has been a lightning rod for criticism

Hagel Fight Brings Out The Worst In All of Us

The nomination rumor has turned us all into savages

Sundown: All Hagel, All the Time

Plus hundred of Jewish tombstones recovered in Greece after long search

Imagining Chuck Hagel as Secretary of Defense

How the role of defense secretary is being defined

J Street Conference Ends

Cheers for Frank, Kovner, Abdullah; then go off to lobby

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