The Proto-Neocon

Remembering Arnold Beichman

‘Commentary’: Feminists Are Ruining Purim

But isn’t some reinterpretation necessary?

Why They Hate ‘Why Jews Hate Palin’

A detailed analysis of controversial ‘Commentary’ essay

Why We Hate Her

The roots of Jewish anti-Palinism

Why Try to Re-Brand Israel?

It may be a waste of resources, ‘Commentary’ says

Remembering Irving Kristol

‘Journal,’ ‘TNR,’ Podhoretz, others eulogize

Irving Kristol Is Dead

BREAKING: Godfather of neoconservatism was 89

Why Jews Are Liberal

To give Podheretz a book topic, and, according to Medved, because we reject Christianity

Jewish Hipsters Exist

Commentary belatedly discovers

Regarding Bibi

Reactions to the Netanyahu speech in Israeli and U.S. media

Purple Prose of Cairo

The trouble with conservative critiques of Obama’s Cairo speech

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