Will Chelsea Convert?

And why we shouldn’t care so much

Mag Tells Conversion Stories

Some inspired by ‘Fiddler,’ knishes, TV ads

Full Immersion

One woman’s final step to conversion

Taking the Plunge

I visited the mikveh and became a Jew. But I still haven’t told my dad I converted.

Britney Does it Again

Jewelry choice sparks new conversion rumors

Sundown: The More the Warier

Too many converts, segregated lectures, and more

DNA Proves Judaism

Which leads some gentiles to convert

Gadhafi Makes Nice; Charles Taylor Finds (Our) God

Today in African despots

Live and Become

It took only 25 years for one woman’s conversion to take effect

Our Man in Bethlehem

Matt Beynon Rees creates a new kind of sleuth

The Searchers

Seven South Americans uncover their converso roots

Ham Hocks and Hellfire

Amid instructions on making paper dolls came Grandmother’s plea for my salvation

From Bethlehem to Jerusalem

Set in a hardscrabble mining town, Bathsheba Monk’s stories chronicle a Polish Catholic girl’s mounting interest in Judaism

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