Adelson Is Election’s Biggest Loser

The casino mogul is out $70 million as Jewish voters re-elect Obama and Jewish GOP candidates lose

Sundown: Dems to Add Jerusalem to Platform

Plus State of Berlin legalizes circumcision

Dems Leave Jerusalem Off Party Platform

The Romney campaign wigs out on cue

Sundown: Israeli Security Cabinet Meets on Iran

Plus the Democratic platform: no word on Jerusalem

Congressional Jew-Count Plummeting

Jews in the House are leaving in droves

The Changeling

Ed Koch may not have caused a change in Obama’s Israel policy, but he’s forced the administration to shift its message to Democratic Jewish voters


Barack Obama courted American Jews as a candidate, but the relationship is on the rocks


Pro-Israel Congresswoman Shelley Berkley, Democrat from Las Vegas, rides a hot streak

Friends, Indeed

Former Spanish Prime Minister José María Aznar takes sides—and chooses Israel

Sundown: Madam Secretary

Plus the kosher donkey, and more

Greene Tries for Senate

Jewish candidate has mom on Florida campaign trail

Obama and the Jews

Has he lost support over Israel?

Pol Position

How the heir to an Orthodox rabbinical dynasty landed in Pennsylvania’s Senate race

Israel Second?

New National Jewish Democratic Council president David Harris must lead the group in the age of Obama

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