Sitting Duck

Barack Obama’s poll numbers are down among Jews—and that’s normal. For more than 30 years, nearly every incumbent president has fared less well among Jews in his re-election effort than in his first campaign.

Koch Test

The former New York City mayor is starting to turn against Barack Obama. And when hizzoner goes for the Republican in a presidential contest, it’s always been bad news for his fellow Democrats.

House of Blues

Rahm Emanuel, in the midst of a rough-and-tumble campaign, was just denied a spot on the mayoral ballot. Was the move Chicago politics as usual, or has Emanuel’s Judaism come into play?

Full House

If the midterm elections give the GOP more power in Washington, that could actually help Obama’s Mideast peace plans


Pro-Israel Congresswoman Shelley Berkley, Democrat from Las Vegas, rides a hot streak

Greene Tries for Senate

Jewish candidate has mom on Florida campaign trail

Poll Finds Jews Trending GOP

Though vast majority are still Democrats

Israel, Stateside

How the controversy has played in America

‘The New American Jew’

The identity gets a makeover

Daybreak: Political Tests

Mitchell’s still trying, Goldstone up next week, and more in the news

Sundown: Shop ’n’ Pray

Perennial prize-winners, fear of Christ, and Gibson’s luck


Ted Kennedy—friend of Israel, champion of social justice, advocate for Soviet Jews—became part of our family

Quarter of U.S. Blames Jews

For financial crisis.

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