Anne Frank Sapling Stolen; When Madoff Cried

Plus 58 cases of measles among Hasidic Jews in 2013, and more in the news

A Pride Weekend Shabbat For the Ages

After the DOMA ruling, Edith Windsor and Roberta Kaplan’s Shabbat service

Maintaining a Family Fiction About My Uncle—and His Partner of 33 Years

Last week’s Supreme Court decision on gay marriage came too late for Uncle Bill, who had to keep his relationship a secret

Jewish Thought in the DOMA Ruling

Looking at Jewish texts and the text of the ruling

Anthony Weiner Isn’t Sure the Occupation Exists

Mayoral hopeful shrugs about the Israeli presence in the West Bank

Photo of the Year

Edith Windsor before her Supreme Court victory in the DOMA case

Why Today is Different From All Other Days

The Supreme Court struck down the Defense of Marriage Act

Supreme Court Strikes Down DOMA

A Jewish view of the landmark decision

Edith Windsor Speaks

A wide-ranging interview with the crusader to end DOMA

The Jewish Women in the DOMA Case

A dispatch from the Supreme Court

Daybreak: Will Justices Act on DOMA?

Plus disputed texts in Russia to be moved into a Jewish museum

Gay Marriage’s Legal Crusader

This week, Roberta Kaplan will try to get the Supreme Court to overturn DOMA—ratifying her marriage, too

GOP Jews Back Same-Sex Marriage Efforts

Business leaders also join a growing chorus

Jewish Groups File Briefs Favoring Gay Marriage

The same-sex marriage cases will be heard at the end of next month

A Federal Appeals Court Rules Against DOMA

It’s the second court to do so

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