Daybreak: The Land Swap That Never Was

Plus Iran test-launches and Germany donates to Auschwitz, and more in the news

Daybreak: Hosni Blames Jews for UNESCO Loss

Obama to confont Ahmadinejad, Olmert trial begins, and more in the news

Photo Ops

As Obama sits down with Netanyahu and Abbas, a brief history of the trilateral summit

Daybreak: Secret Meetings

Plus Iranian uranium and two Gaza operations

Rough Day for Former Israeli Pols

One on trial, two others start jail terms


The indictment against Ehud Olmert alleges a byzantine system of fraud

Olmert Indicted

Charged with fraud, breach of public trust

Daybreak: Love’s Not Enough for Abbas

Olmert under fire, Arkansas pride, and more in the news

Match Shtick

Rabid soccer fandom is Ehud Olmert’s guiding political principle. Now his game is over.

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