Fire Abe Foxman?

Why it’s his fault that Glenn Beck is free to be Glenn Beck

Sundown: Cantor Announces for Team Bibi

Plus talk borders, not settlements, and more

A Few New Jews

One more rep. and state AG; a GOP rep. closes in

It Happened Last Night

GOP gains empower Cantor, not Schumer

What to Watch For Tonight

On the eve of midterm results

Cantor’s Foreign Aid ‘Trial Balloon’ Is Popped

Either that, or he never had a clue

Sundown: Cantor’s Strange Non-Bedfellow

Plus Archbishop Tutu calls for boycott, and more

Change You Shouldn’t Believe In

Post-midterms, U.S. Israel policy likely to stay the same

Full House

If the midterm elections give the GOP more power in Washington, that could actually help Obama’s Mideast peace plans

Daybreak: Bibi’s ‘Jewish’ Tactic Under Scrutiny

Plus the death of a ‘lexical supermaven,’ and more in the news

Cantor Moves Against Lebanon Aid

Top Jewish GOPer cites last week’s incident

Sundown: Hitchens To Have Chemo

Plus Cantor ups profile, ‘TAL’ takes last breath, and more

Eric Cantor Bets on It

‘It’ being high inflation

Obama and the Jews Break Bread

President reassures legislators on Israel, Iran

Cantor’s Bullet a Stray

Jewish Republican wasn’t targeted

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