Summer Heat

The protests in Israel these last two months were nothing short of a revolution. But can the political hope continue through the fall chill?

Sundown: Iran and Qaeda in Cahoots?

Plus, Keret’s thin abode, Facebook won’t delete denial pages, and more

Sundown: Syrian Stonewalling Called Out

Plus whom Anne Frank belongs to, and more

Kill the Pig!

Today on Tablet

Yet Another Russian-Immigrant Novel

Today on Tablet

Today on Tablet

Pyromania, authenticity, and more

Stop Being Polite

Today on Tablet

Strange Bedfellows

Talking about lizards at a writers’ conference in Bali

Whom Does Kafka Belong To?

(Maybe to a cat-lady)

Today on Tablet

Fast-prep, a different kind of South African Jew, and more

Sundown: Madam Secretary

Plus the kosher donkey, and more

Today on Tablet

Keret on soccer, a good-bye to Pekar, and more

Talking Turkey, Blockade Bungled

And McCain blames Obama

Today on Tablet

So much hummus, fuzzy numbers, and more

Today on Tablet

Etgar Keret airborne, singing Yiddish, and more

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