Today on Tablet

King of the Jews, a Talmudic cult novel, and more

Idol Worship

When we were kids, I wanted to follow in my brother’s footsteps. Now, as adults, I’m reminded why.

Today on Tablet

Keret puts the phone down, independent minyanim, and more

Today on Tablet

Iran’s nukes, not afraid of Tariq Ramadan, and more

Sundown: 15 Years of Jordan Peace

Plus a rabbi’s odd crime, Ivanka’s wedding tchotchkes, and more

On the Bookshelf

New books on bodies visible and invisible

Fighting Words

Can literature help bring peace to the Middle East?

Politics of the Everyday

Novelist Yael Hedaya explores the daily struggles of modern Israelis

How to Lose Gracefully

Etgar Keret on death, optimism, and the virtues of confusion

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