Protest Versus Violence

Comment of the week

Facebook Explains Actions on ‘Third Intifada’ Page

Page deleted due to comments, not complaints

Facebook Pulls Down ‘Third Intifada’ Page

Group calling for May uprising had recieved more than 300,000 ‘likes’

Rabbi Zuckerberg

Josh Yuter, punny Twitterer

The Asocial Network

Jacob, the hero of this week’s parasha, understood what really mattered in life. The Facebook Generation doesn’t.

Jews Give It Up

Billionaires pledge their fortunes

Sundown: Mumbai Victims Sue Pakistan Intel

Plus the settlers’ favorite former Alaska governor, and more

Dissenting on Facebook

A Jewish conspiracy? Well, sorta

The Internet Had a Bris

‘Web Wars!’: an introduction

Web Jew.0

Muslim zealots claim the Internet is a Jewish conspiracy. They’re not wrong.

The World’s Most Powerful Jew

‘The Social Network’ and the outsider

A debate: Is cyberbullying inevitable, or can parents stop the tide?

The Facebook Diaspora*

Social network site takes its cue from the Jews

Come Together

An interview with Miriam Lowenbraun, who is working to bring Jews back to observance

Hamas Blames Killing on Egypt and Jordan?

Today in the Dubai Murder Mystery

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