A Palestinian Peace Accord

Between Fatah and Hamas, that is

Abbas Willing to Talk to Netanyahu

At U.N. next month, albeit informally

Fatah Elects a Jew

Uri Davis calls himself ‘a Palestinian, Hebrew, of Jewish origin, anti-Zionist’

Abbas Is Happy to Wait

As P.M. Fayyad interview with ‘Haaretz’ confirms

Fatah Conference Ends

Issues broadsides on Israel, Hamas

Daybreak: A Jew in Fatah

A consul chastised, a tunnel bombed, and more in the news

Who Killed Arafat?

It’s Israel’s fault, says Fatah

Daybreak: Israel Killed Arafat?

Settlements vs. Iran, Spielberg honored, and more in the news

Daybreak: Fatah Conference

And Mike Bloomberg in hot water, in the morning news

Daybreak: The ‘Times’ Makes Some Suggestions

Turkey wants in, Lieberman picks a fight, and more

Arafat Was Poisoned

And a conspiracy was behind it, says Fatah official

Could Hamas Lose?

A new poll indicates flagging support from Palestinians

Breaking: Gilad Shalit to Be ‘Transferred’ to Egypt

IDF soldier part of Egypt-Israel-Fatah-Hamas deal

Daybreak: Can Palestinians Unify?

Fayyad’s optimism despite facts on the ground, a Jewish IMDB, and more from the news

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