A Jewish Guide to the Florida Primary

South Beach ballots

Backed By ‘Shelly,’ Newt Takes S.C.

Success in Florida could determine Gingrich’s, Adelson’s future power


First as cattle dealers and now as dairy farmers, the author’s family has long been defined by their cows. A trip back to their Bavarian homeland revealed this legacy to be more unusual—and fraught—than she’d ever imagined.

Sundown: A Unified Palestine?

Plus Oren stands up for Israel, and more in the news

Jewish Civil War

Experts fear bloodbath

Greene Tries for Senate

Jewish candidate has mom on Florida campaign trail

The Bridge

Former Congressman Robert Wexler wants to make Mideast peace, but he doesn’t want to be ambassador to Israel

Boca Survivors to Get More Reparations

But what about their neighbors who freed them?


Forget cleaning for Passover and instead head to a luxury hotel for the holiday

Florida Ponzi-ist Could Make Big Impact

Rothstein revelations may toy with GOP primary

Jewish Guy Protests Fla. Election on Passover

‘An attack upon the religious Jewish community,’ he says

Florida Kids Suspended for “Kick a Jew Day”

After Facebook group suggested hugs

Florida Students Live Like Anne Frank

A school sleepover as Holocaust study aid

Sundown: Post- Denominational Pals

High-priced holidays, blushing brides, and a wasted plea

Does Western Wall Note Protect Florida?

Goyishe Gov. Charlie Crist says yes

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