Sundown: Obama to Fight for Jewish Voters

Plus, Braun’s brawn, Kafka, and more

Etsy Does Kafka

A little bit of Prague for your collection of whimsical trinkets

Youth in Revolt

A new edition of Walter Benjamin’s early work sheds light his first reckonings with Jewishness and offers glimpses of the powerful thinker he would ultimately become

Tried and True

In his 1988 novel Fiasco—only now available in English—Hungarian Nobel laureate Imre Kertész imagines an author exhausted by the Holocaust yet unable to write about anything else

Sundown: Palestinians Ditch Peace Process

Plus great old photos of great old Jews, and more

Kamenetz Defended by Dead Subject

Reb Nachman of Breslov attacks bad review of Nextbook Press’s ‘Burnt Books’

Kafka in Brooklyn

By way of Iceland


A museum exhibition and a new translation from the Yiddish examine ‘heritage travel’ in the 1930s

‘Burnt Books’ Drops Today

Kamenetz’s, and Nextbook Press’s, latest

Today on Tablet

Our Kurdish brothers, making ‘It Gets Better’ better, and more

Close Encounter

Rodger Kamenetz’s new book connects Rabbi Nachman, Franz Kafka, a turkey, and a cockroach

Your ‘Burnt Books’ Offering

A mail art exposition

The Ghosts of Prague

Your Vox Tablet preview

Whom Does Kafka Belong To?

(Maybe to a cat-lady)

Threats Veiled

For hasidim traveling to Uman, lycra’s all the rage

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