Treasure in the Attic

British man plum forgot where he stored stepfather’s art works

Peaks of Perfection

An Austrian museum mounts an exhibition on the Jewish love affair with the Alps

Obama at Buchenwald

What’s the right temperature for remembrance?

Free Ride

A memoir burnishes the reputation of the Operation Valkyrie conspirators

TV Guide

Thirty years later, a look at how an American miniseries altered German perspectives on the Holocaust

Crimes of Passion

Music made her do it

The Village

A young German reinvents the Holocaust novel

Repeat Offender?

Germany’s ever-evolving struggle with anti-Semitism

Guess Who’s Coming to Seder

A Passover in Berlin stirs up questions of freedom and faith

Paper Trail

In bidding on a batch of stamps, Reinhard Kaiser unearthed the story of an ill-fated wartime romance

Family History

In The Lost, Daniel Mendelsohn excavates some unsettling truths about brotherhood, betrayal, and the Book of Genesis.

Up Close and Personal?

When Walter Abish wrote about Germany sight unseen, critics tried to explain him. Does his memoir make him any easier to read?

In the Company of Strangers

Why does Antonio Mu

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