Foxman Calls Beck’s Comments ‘Horrific’

‘He doesn’t understand what the Shoah was all about’

Beck Accused of ‘Holocaust Revisionism’

Also, he said George Soros ‘sucks the blood from people’

In Beck Documentary, Soros Is ‘Puppet Master’

Fox News host alleges billionare’s global conspiracy

Today on Tablet

Roth day, Beck-ian scholarship, and more

History Lesson

Glenn Beck’s favorite ‘historian’ enlists the Founding Fathers in a battle against diversity

Rabbi Speaks at Glenn Beck Gathering

Tells us Bible Belt is ‘Judaism’s safety belt’

Did Beck Regret ‘Death Camps’ Comment?

Fox denies accusation of decency

Glenn Beck Goes There

Basically says the Jews killed Jesus

Glenn Beck Says Jew Follows Nazi Logic

Also, dog bites man

Garrison Keillor Doesn’t Like Jews Writing Christmas Songs

Those Unitarians are ruining his holiday season, too

ADL Catalogues U.S. ‘Rage’

And blames Glenn Beck for stoking it

Glenn Beck Announces Yom Kippur Fast

His is for the Republic, not for redemption.

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