Daybreak: Bomb Wounds Israeli Diplomat’s Wife

Plus, Alan Gross’ assignment, the recovery rabbi, and more in the news

Sundown: War With Hezbollah Could Get Ugly

Plus, the hottest kosher spot on the Upper West Side, and more

Give If You’ve Got It

Which Jewish billionaires are the most philanthropic?

Sundown: Is Iran Next?

Plus the ketubah is in, Birthright sex, and more

A Short History of Words

New Google tool reveals relative popularity of ‘shmuck,’ ‘Zionist,’ other terms

Sundown: Obama’s Error

Plus yes that is a creepy Sharon sculpture, and more

Web Jew.0

Muslim zealots claim the Internet is a Jewish conspiracy. They’re not wrong.

Daybreak: Please Don’t Sell Iran Your Uranium

Plus find out what The Skunk is, and more in the news

Another Year, Another List of Rich People

Ellison, Bloomberg top Jews on ‘Forbes’ list

Hamas Blames Killing on Egypt and Jordan?

Today in the Dubai Murder Mystery

One-Fifth of Top Donors Are Jews

Includes Bloomberg and Soros; does not include Adelson

Google Recognizes West Bank as ‘Palestinian’

But on Google Maps, it’s all Israel

Sundown: A Rabbi, a Minister, and a Sheik Walk into an Article

Plus Google shrugs, resolution on the court, and more

Message in a Bottle

How Google helped connect a forgotten Holocaust letter to its author’s descendants

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