Made in Heaven

Israel has enthusiastically embraced advanced reproductive technologies. Now a court is considering whether parents have the right to use their dead son’s frozen sperm to create posthumous grandchildren.

Israel’s Paper of Record

Remnick, of The New Yorker, on Haaretz

Like Nixon, But Less of a Crook

Today on Tablet

Nine Lives

Grinning through each reversal, the ever-bumbling, deeply unpopular Ehud Barak maneuvers to remain a political force in Israel and its leading voice to the West

Eastern Front

Israeli- and Russian-born immigrants are changing the face of American Jewry

State of Denial

It’s time for Israel to rethink its rejection of the Armenian Genocide

Sundown: Pollard Gets New Advocate

Plus the first step on Iran is acceptance, and more


Test your knowledge. Take the quiz.

Q&A: Tzipi Livni: The Kadima leader on Peace, American Jews, and Iran

The Kadima leader says Israel is not the safest place in the world for Jews

IDF Is Deft With New Boat

Although probe is criticized as soft

Born Free

A haftorah of unpopular decisions and profound prophecies

Daybreak: Polish ‘Friend of Israel’ Mourned

Plus Iran’s maybe-never nuke, Obama’s nuke summit today, and more in the news

Daybreak: Bibi Bows Out of D.C. Summit

Plus Russia takes foot off Iran’s gas, and more in the news

The Stupid Anat Kamm Gag Order

Yossi Melman explains why he couldn’t report the facts

The Low-Down on Israel’s Jailed Journo

With gag order lifted, there is a tale to tell!

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